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Musicology: A General Overview

Musicology: A General Overview

Music has pleasured and intrigued the humankind since times immemorial. It has baffled the human mind to such an extent that a separate branch of study has been developed. This branch of study that deals with music is technically termed as musicology. It deals with the scholarly analysis and research of music. Musicology is essentially a part of humanities study. The word Musicology has been derived from two Greek Words ‘mousike’ and ’logia’, which upon translation would form the phrase ‘Study of Music’.

Musicology can be divided into two sub-disciplines. These sub-disciplines include research along with performance practice of music. The research is often viewed as artistic research. The other discipline includes composition, theory and analysis of music. Both of these sub-disciplines do not have any kind of parent discipline. Musicology, on the other hand, has hordes of parent disciplines. The parent disciplines of musicology ranges from humanities and cultural studies to anthropology and neurosciences. Information sciences, acoustics and mathematics are also included in the parent disciplines of musicology.

Apart from the parental disciplines, various other fields of study also heavily rely on musicology. Numerous fields of performance arts, theology, linguistics, etc derive much of their required information from musicology. Musicology has been effectively used in educating would-be teachers along with their use in educational research. It is extensively used in psychiatric facilities for the treatment of various mental ailments. Musicology when imparted to kids as music lessons helps them to grow in a wonderfully balanced way than those of the non-music learning counterparts.


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